Mushroom Hunting – Truffle Hunting

Wild mushroom hunting is an outdoors activity that takes palce in Spring and Autumn when the rainfalls and small fluctuations between daily and night temperatures favour the growth of the fungi. In the Zagori region and the National Park / Geopark of Vikos-Aoos one can find most of the well-known edible varieties of wild mushrooms such as: porcini, chanterelles, morelles, yellow and black trumpets, amanita caesarea, macrolepiota procera and other.
Truffle hunting in the Zagori region of Ioannina is an activity that takes place all year round. It is a hunt that requires the “learned” assistance of our well trained dogs in combination with our experience of more than 10 years on the field! And what a field, the green forests of the National Park and Unesco Geopark of Vikos-Aoos. The truffle hunt can be a lonely experience, one person, or a more social happening with groups of friends or separate companies.

Both unique activities include mushroom hunting, explanation of the various types of mushrooms and their natural habitat as well as gastronomy events involving cooking the gathered mushrooms right after the forest excursion!

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