The folk festival of Vitsa on August 15th

Counting years of history, the folk festival of Vitsa is the largest in the region and the Cultural Association keeps the traditional element unchanged even today. The village with the many chapels and the two central Churches is celebrated many times a year, but the greatest of all is the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on August 15th. During that day, the central church and the whole village host a great festival in the middle of the century-old plane tree (central square).
The feast begins from the eve with their religious functions. Many people from all parts of Greece and all over the world are gather to celebrate this great religious event and hear to the melodic and slow chants. After the church, Many famous musicians start their familiar musical rhythms. The first dancer in the row sets the pace and everyone else follows. The most famous feast in the region, Vitsa Festival offers moment of religious dedication, joy and dancing and a wide variety of local appetizers and drinks.

15 August 2020


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